"Jiyun Noh did a great job handling sell of my house as well as handling purchase a new home. She responded my questions promptly and was always available to show me houses. I will continue to highly recommend Jiyun to my friends.
Thank you so much, Jiyun."

- kyle m choi, 05/28/2018

"Basically, Ms. Noh is able to see through customer's intention and proposed lovely house to me. I believe that It's very important ability as a realtor and one of the customer to me as well. She drove all of the process is very smoothly even though I faced quite tough issues during the buying process. To sum up, I strongly recommend her."

- zuser20170618093515904, 05/08/20

"Jiyun far exceeded my expectations for a realtor. I Have worked with several realtors in the past few years and she stands out as a top professional. Jiyun has good knowledge of every step and process involved with buying a home and that was BIG for me being a first time home buyer. She was excellent in negotiating when necessary. I highly recommend her."

- zuser20150511094225108, 12/19/20

"Ms. Noh is our first realtor in Michigan. She has a plenty of local knowledge and her responsibility is so strong. Most of all she is very friendly and honest yet professional. She explained everything in detail during the process of buying a house and that helped us choose a good house. Although we were in a very stressful situation, she did her best and drew the best result. Thank you, Ms. Noh~!"

- rosegarden94, 10/15/2017

"I have hired her twice for both rent and purchase my home since 2015. She showed me strong knowledge of various renting and buying scenarios. Even after the deals, she helps ex-customers get correct information. I strongly recommend people who are looking for house to take advantage of her expertise."

- user21872906, 10/09/2017

"Jiyun has been my realtor for my first home in Michigan.
She supported me to find the best house during the last 3 months and has lots of knowledge in Rochester/Rochester hills/Troy area.
I highly recommend her for those people who're looking for the most suitable home in the area."

- YongjinKim, 07/24/2017

"Finding a new home is always a one of the most stressful task, Especially in my case that I have returned from other country from foreign assignment while my family was still in that country.

Considering moving timing, the schedule was really tight and I was rushed to find any available house close to the school where my daughter wanted to end up. I had no knowledge on the area, no idea how the market has been changed, what kind of property could be the best fit for my specific situation. I had to rely on the agent who has a good knowledge and skills to get all processes go smoothly.

Jiyun helped to find my new home in Bloomfield Hills. She had good knowledge not only on local area and the process but also on general renovation/re-modelling including the material quality, basic costs, etc. and eventually she could provide valuable insight on long term property ownership tactic as well.

Anyway, everything went well and I cannot imagine that I could end up having this nice and high return on investment condo without her. It was just pleasant experience and two thumbs up!!"

- user3146400, 07/15/2017

"Jiyun help me buy a new condo for the investment. She was a professional in the each step of the process and knowledgeable on the market trend and customer needs. Also she was very honest so I felt comfortable while working with. Highly Recommended Real Estate Professional for every one."

- sp2iskra, 05/09/2017

"Jiyun is the most knowledgable, professional, and friendly real estate professional in Troy, Novi, and Rochester MI area. We had the wonderful privilege of working with her for my new home purchase and have had an excellent experience throughout all the process. If you're looking for a realtor who is dedicated, hard-working and competent, pick Jiyun."

- Edward Choi, 05/05/2017

"Jiyun was awesome! she was a professional throughout the home buying process. she made me feel comfortable right from the start and I was never kept in the dark throughout the process. I have dealt with other realtors before, and the experience I had with she was exceptional. She fixed my tax problems,all issues and worked with me as if they were working with someone they have known for a long time. I am thankful that I met Jiyun and I am thankful for all the help that she rendered to me.

I will recommend her to anyone who wants to buy a house but cannot find honest and straightforward people to help them through the process"

- kgbkja01, 03/08/2017

"She does her best for her clients. We got an amazing deal on our house because of her knowledge and research for the area. She doesn't forget you once the deal is done. I have called her for recommendations of handymen and landscaping. She has always come through with excellent, timely recommendations. I highly recommend her for your real estate transaction."

- zmail9999, 03/05/2017

"Friendly yet professional person.
I started house hunting 2016 early summer through the end of 2016. It was a kind of long journey. This person really helped us to stay on the right track. Stay on the right track is important. Otherwise, house hunting is endless. So we finally landed to the perfect home! We love our house!"

- wckorealsh, 02/06/2017

"She was so dedicated to look for the appropriate house for my family and advised so many things to her knowledges. I will highly recommend to my friends since she was always beyond my expectations to every single point."

- iilyong kim, 01/23/2017

"Sold in 10 days!!! - very exciting -
The buyer puchased my house after the open house and June showed us great negotiation skills between the buyer and the seller."

- sandydog123, 06/15/2016